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The principles motivation behind alphaTUB is the promotion of Early literacy learning through developmentally appropriate practices. the alphaTUB technology platform has been architected in a thoughtful manner to leverage parental engagement so as to empower children to become literate through activities that are meaningful and engaging.

alphaTUB is currently available in Latin script with languages such as English, Spanish, German to name a few. We are working on a mission to serve every language on earth.

alphaTUB also supports bilingual content starting with Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskrit and with more bilingual content for many more languages to come.

Sign Languages

Sign Languages

Several studies prove that teaching sign language to babies significantly boosts their communication skills even before they can communicate with speech. Sign language, with its use of visual-manual modality in combination with language itself, allows the child to not only learn an alphabet, words, and sounds, but also gestures and expressions to support their expression. This combination significantly boosts the child’s overall cognitive development.

Children with knowledge of sign language have been found to have a higher IQ than their peers. Not only are their intellectual abilities greatly enhanced, but they also tend to have better linguistic skills with better spellings and grasp on semantics, and more developed fine motor skills. The overall communication skills among these children are also greatly developed, as they can express and comprehend both, verbally and non-verbally


Endangered Languages​

A German scientist, Ekkehard Wolff once said “language is not everything, but without language, everything is nothing”. The importance of languages is undisputed however every year many of the over 6000 languages we know are becoming extinct. Unlike other research organizations which focus on preservation, alphaTUB’s technology platform for linguists, linguistic anthropologists, and community members helps to preserve, propagate and promote endangered languages.

To begin with, alphaTUB is being used for various Native American languages like Lushootseed, Chickasaw, and more are being added to the list.

Endangered Languages

Culture Preservation

Language is a carrier of culture. Language learners are also culture learners. When we preserve, embrace, and promote a language we are also supporting cultural preservation.

Culture plays an important role in language education because it motivates students and facilitates communication. The teaching of culture has been intertwined with the teaching of language, at times more closely than others, but never more closely than now. Language education that successfully incorporates the presentation of cultural information in language classrooms, would greatly increase the benefits of language study.


Brain & Cognition

Millions of words and pages have been written about how early childhood learning occurs before the age of eight, and how it is during this period that a child goes through the most rapid phase of growth and development & their brains develop faster than at any other point in their lives, so these years are critical. Literacy development starts early in life and is highly correlated with school achievement. Languages have a deep impact on a child’s career.

The more limited a child’s experiences with language and literacy the more likely he or she will have difficulty learning to read. The foundations for their social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world, and moral outlook are established during these years, as well as the development of cognitive skills.