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Capture A Variety Of Content From Child’s Own Environment

Teachers or parents can capture things and moments of the surrounding environment that may get children’s interest. They can be familiar things around children’s own environment or new things that educators would like children to discover & learn. The captured pictures are used as language learning content.


Convert Captured Content Into Learning Content With The Help Of Our Mobile App

Use alphaTUB Mobile app to capture pictures and convert them into learning content. Assign a picture to an alphabet and name it. Add a category to each picture. The Captured content will be available for personalized and individualized learning.


Print The Learning Content To Play With Child At School or Home Using alphaTUB

After having enough pictures corresponding to alphabet letters. Teachers or parents can create a collection of learning content such as TUB Sheets or TUB Cards. These collections can be printed and can be used to teach young children at home or school using alphaTUB.


Teacher can also receive Content From Home To Teach Whole Class

Using content generated by immersing local culture, arts, crafts, and heritage, teachers enhance the language learning experience for young children. Parents can also send any learning content they find interesting and creative to teachers for use in the classroom. 


Use Personalized Content to promote engagement with TUB Class

Engage children in fun-filled classroom activities, inspiring them to learn in a playful manner through personalized and localized content. All children learn and play using familiar content with their peers.


Teachers Use TUB Analytics To Understand The Measurable Impact On Learning Outcomes

By leveraging a developmentally appropriate tool and technology, a teacher can help pupils to take ownership of their own experiences. To assess learning ability and provide appropriate support for each individual, teachers can measure children’s learning outcomes using TUB Analytics.


Teachers & Parents Can Update Their Early Literacy Skills Through TUB Academy

alphaTUB Academy offers a selection of skill development courses for teachers and parents. A range short term to long terms courses delivered by experts from all over the world provide valuable knowledge and insights about early childhood education and early literacy. These courses help you to become better early literacy educators.