Insights & Analytics

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You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Progress and development are the sums of many factors. Where academic performance may explain the child’s retention and knowledge, it is hard to measure the child’s understanding of subjects or concepts. For a more consistent understanding of a student’s development, a teacher must have knowledge of the child’s minutest progress. Knowing enables the educator to efficiently support their pupil’s development and make improvements in the education of the child wherever necessary.

Assessment & Analytics

Students in every classroom have different levels of comprehension and needs, and they learn in different ways. Technology-enabled blended learning can bring transformational change in the education experience, and it can also enhance and supplement regular classroom-based pedagogy. It could offer more flexibility and learning support than the traditional formats. alphaTUB automatically collects data on learning outcomes and measures academic progress, providing teachers and parents with detailed students data.

With our focus to drive engagement TUB analytics deliver a valuable academic assessment for personalized interventions thus guiding opportunities for improvement. TUB Analytics provides never before observed multi-dimensional analysis & insights into the vast field of early childhood education based on levels of engagement between home and school. 

TUB Analytics and insights

TUB analytics is actionable, through which teachers can draw insights and make decisions about the best-personalized ways to help each student learn, the inputs help teachers to deliver the right experiences for students learning. TUB Analytics also helps to measure parental engagement and assess its impact on a child’s learning outcomes.

Most studies agreed that school-based parental involvement in children’s education had a generally positive outcome for a student’s achievement. However, it requires action on the school’s part to identify innovative approaches to invite and include parents and make them feel that their contributions are worthwhile. alphaTUB provides unique capabilities to foster and grow parental engagement and provides insightful analytics.

TUB Analytics helps in the effective delivery of learning level outcomes and objectives as per any curriculum worldwide and delivers thus fulfilling the need for high-quality for early literacy and language development.

  1. Assists the children in the English language learning in 3-8 years age group.
  2. The solution brings the letters of the alphabet to life, unlike any tool the world has seen.
  3. Designed for more than just the preschooler in mind, each letter is represented with a range of images experienced by the child.
  4. Leveraging TUB insights parents or teachers can present the learning content printed on interchangeable content sheets that slide into alphaTUB. The more the child learns from his own experience, the faster the child will learn.
  5. Tracking the achievement gap at early stages helps in paving the way for introducing language to children in a personalized and immersive way.