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Language learning is a very different process for an adult than it is for the newly developing brain of a toddler. Even a child who speaks an existing language would face certain challenges with acquiring a second language. The learner is already accustomed to the vocabulary and phonetics of another language.  Research shows,  that the human brain naturally grasps syntax, the grammatical structure of languages. One may even say it is hardwired in the brain. We naturally attempt to structure sentences out of words we learn. The true challenge in learning a new language lies in learning the distinct vocabulary and phonetics of the language. 

Every language has distinct characteristics. Many languages may share the same script, may even have similar looking lexicons, but each language is unique. Learning a new vocabulary can be a challenge for many, especially a language much separated from their first language. The new vocabulary must be taught with deep context and reinforced appropriately for the learner to truly develop a command over the language.

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Serving individualized & personalized language learning

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Solution to deliver impactful language learning experience

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Unique learning experience with contextually appropriate, dynamic and customizable content

alphaTUB brings to learners, a unique learning experience with contextually appropriate, dynamic and customizable content, thus also helping to create an impactful language learning experience that is fruitful and fulfilling too.

  • Use alphaTUB to tailor learning content to suit each student’s learning needs. 
  • alphaTUB’s versatile design makes it ideal for use with students of all ages. 
  • The content can be easily customised to suit every student’s individual language learning needs.
  • Teach a new language with reference to the student’s mother tongue. 
  • The incredibly versatile design of the alphaTUB easily supports bilingual learning. By providing cultural context, alphaTUB brings depth into the learner’s experience of a new language.

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