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TUB Cards

There are a number of reasons why there is a strong moral claim for sign language to be compulsory, or at least highly prioritized, in the school curriculum. It would benefit individuals, and it would also benefit groups. The benefit to the deaf and/or culturally Deaf is a matter of justice, as the cost to the individual and other groups would be slight. Indeed, learning sign language may provide hearing children with unique benefits.

Learning sign language among young children will help in enhancing their hand-eye coordination and foster analytic thinking. This also helps to enhance multitasking, improve social cognition and executive control among a number of other cognitive benefits.

Based on the strong moral reasons and demonstrated benefits presented by research, alphaTUB has created a unique set of sign language content that can be seamlessly used with the standard alphaTUB by everyone. The sign language content is available in the form of TUB Sheets and TUB Cards. This initiative by alphaTUB will also help to promote the usage of sign language within society.

TUB Cards

TUB Cards are your mini-alphaTUB on the go. They are easy to carry, innovative, and affordable.

TUB Cards are flashcards that are highly effective and playful memory aid for language learners. TUB Cards are very engaging and fun to use. The Sign Language TUB Cards make learning sign languages more inclusive.

TUB Cards are especially designed for children who suffer from some sort of learning disability or hearing disorders and can help such students learn. Since flashcards help in retaining the information for a longer duration, they impart a sense of self-confidence in a student. TUB Cards help in quick revision.

Introducing Sign Language with portable and easy-to-carry TUB Cards is making classrooms and home environment more engaging. TUB Cards are versatile and can be shown in a random fashion also the child will have the opportunity to learn and understand the concepts at a deeper level. They also offer opportunities to repeat and can be used in an efficient manner. TUB Cards allow administering smaller chunks of information to young learners. They also help to enhance the active recall capability of a learner.

Metacognition is a technique that can prove to be extremely helpful in ingraining your memory at a deeper level of your knowledge. When you answer something by looking at the front side of your TUB Card, you are testing your ability to retain information. But when you flip over the card to see the correct answer, you compare your knowledge to the actual fact. This helps to enhance metacognitive faculties.

TUB Cards are a handy way to learn new vocabulary and sign language on the go. TUB Cards can be easily used both at school in a classroom setting or even at home. With TUB Cards parents will also enjoy learning Sign Languages. This provides a classic opportunity for parents to enhance their engagement with young children.

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