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alphaTUB is a strong advocate of the role of parental engagement in early childhood education especially early language development. However, we also understand that Preschool is a child’s first formal learning environment. Millions of kids study languages yet fail to achieve language proficiency, mainly due to a lack of comprehensible input, proper orientation, or both.  

It is our strong belief that all children irrespective of their socio-economic status should have equitable access to developmentally appropriate brain-compatible early childhood programs with strong literacy components that include clear adaptations for children with special needs. Therefore, it is beyond doubt that there is a need for increased emphasis on strengthening equity in early literacy.


There have been various attempts across to world in this direction, however, reforms in education have always suffered because they could not be scaled thus leading to a huge gap in learning equity.  

Meanwhile, policymakers agree that large-scale reforms require coordinated collaboration between teachers and other educators to transform teaching and learning so as to work together with all students to help develop fulfilling lives of meaning, purpose, and success. 

Together with the support of policymakers and a global network of research labs, universities, colleges, alphaTUB is aiming to create a highly scalable and replicable & cost-efficient model for effective implementation of developmentally appropriate interventions for delivering early literacy & language development through blended education while also harnessing parental engagement thus bringing a systemic change for sustainable development of education and social-cultural environment.