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alphaTUB is making language learning engaging and as a bridge to connect with the heart of every young child. We are helping to make teachers into favorite teachers. A favorite teacher leaves the lasting impact enough to last a lifetime and gets strongly etched on the mind. Given the vital importance of ECCE in shaping the child’s future from age 3-8, it is imperative that young children continue to have access to flexible, multi-faceted, play, activity, discovery-based education, provided by trained early educators.

During the crucial years of their development, one spends most of their time at home with family, or at school with teachers and peers. This is also the age early to late childhood, child’s cognitive, language & social-emotional development. As vital members of the child’s social environment at school, the teacher, too, has a deep, long-lasting impact on the developing psyche of the child. This gives the teacher the added responsibility of helping shape the mind and personality of their student too. An impactful teacher is one that not only imparts knowledge but also enriches the education with meaningful experiences and a deep empathetic relationship with their student. 

The true purpose of education is to enable an individual to truly harness their capabilities and potential so that they might grow into the best version of themselves possible. Teacher must understand their student individually and try their best to deliver an education that is not only easily received by their student but also comprehended in appropriate context. To truly master this, the teacher must understand the psychological phenomena that sum up to a learning experience. Tapping into the cognitive abilities of every student can sound challenging, but it is natural to a teacher who is more than acquainted with the nitty-gritties of a learner’s mind.

Educational institutions have to make great efforts to equip educators at all levels with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote a positive professional attitude in them. alphaTUB helps early educators with knowledge and skills with regard to both teaching and developmentally appropriate practices that help to brighten early language learning experiences of young children.

Taking into account the corona Pandemic led challenges there is an urgent need for capacity building of teachers to address the issues related to gaps and/or loss of learning among students In association with leading universities, alphaTUB has launched a series of training courses to support and promote foundational literacy during this learning crisis. These collaborative courses are available for anyone who wishes to enhance their skills as an educator.

These are typically short-term (2-Week) to few day courses providing the participants with sufficient theory and practical experience in delivering topics of foundational literacy, importance of blended education, inclusion (sign language, ADHD) & parental engagement. These trainings are available online on a self-study mode basis only. Every training will have periodic lectures on theory & commensurate practicals and a review. A participation certificate will be provided to all on successful completion of the course.

Courses from alphaTUB Academy have been well received by a wide variety of learners including Administrators, Coordinators, Language Experts, Teachers, Early Educators, Teacher Interns, and Parents.