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TUB Story Tellers are generating wealth by helping communities in preserving culture through languages while enhancing socio-emotional wellbeing of children 

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How TUB Story Works?

Welcome to TUB Story

Welcome to your adventures with TUB Story. We believe that role of language is important for culture preservation and community building through personalized learning experiences.




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TUB Story Explained

The TUB Story is a neighborhood activity & language learning center that helps children understand their world and language through the treasures in their own backyard.

As a TUB Story Teller you promote languages, culture and contribute in community activities, through stories curated based on content that reflects the local culture, arts, crafts, and heritage at every village level. 

Why TUB Story 

Become a Story Teller

Steps to Become a TUB Story Teller

You really don’t need much to start your own TUB Story Centre! With the support of alphaTUB, Set up your skills and resources in 3 quick steps before enchanting your learners with a magical language learning experience.


To come on board, we will be providing pre-setup and post-set-up support. Training and material will be included in the pre-setup support by TUB Story. As per the post-setup support, storytellers will be provided with a full-fledged app and TUB Class support from TUB end. 

Choose Plan


Suitable for small setup
9995 /Year
  • 5 Student Seats* License for 1st Year
  • 1 alphaTUB Kit
  • 3 Day Training for 1 Story Teller
  • Certification of Training
  • Free Marketing Material
  • Priority Email Support


Suitable for big setup
25985 /Year
  • 15 Student Seats* License for 1st Year
  • 3 alphaTUB Kit
  • 3 Day Training for 3 Story Tellers
  • Certification of Training
  • Free Marketing Material
  • Priority Email Support

* Purchase additional student seats at any time by paying ₹200 per seat per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Fin all your TUB Story related answeres here.

Anyone can be a TUB Story Teller, even you! All you need is to brush up on your skills (we are here to help), get the tools (we help with that too!), set up a place and get your students! alphaTUB shall support you all the way with appropriate technical and operational support. 

9995 per year is the minimum sum you would need to start a small practice with a limited 5 students per year. You can purchase more student seats for a monthly sum of 250 each. 

Alternatively, if you already have more than 10 children waiting to learn, you might be interested.

It’s commutative with no limits. But at least 5000 per month is initial income.

One man army!!! 

Yes, only one person is good to go. Although at a center as many tub teller can be facilitated having each with their own Tub class license.

A student seat represents one student in class. For example, if your class includes 5 students, now the number of student seats is 5. Similarly, when the number of students increases to 10, the number of student seats will now be 10.

Yes, you can have more students than available student seats in a class. But ONLY the number of students corresponding to the number of student seats available can study and play with TUB Story, the rest cannot.

Our training courses provides a complete insight of what and why early literacy is helps in improving and guiding you throughout your journey being a tub story teller.

Any day anywhere!! You just need a laptop with a good internet connection and a place for children to be sitted. Thats it!


How To Start a TUB Story Center?

5 easy steps to follow in order to open a TUB Story center in your village.


What Do You Need To Start TUB Story?

The skills, tools and resources you need to set up a successful TUB Story enterprise.


How can I earn with TUB Story?

Bring the joy of learning to your students and run a successful enterprise with alphaTUB.

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You never know what can ignite a language learning interest. Experience it. Engage & inspire your child’s creativity from everything around. Immerse in the world of languages learning. Save content, organize them by category and share with others – all from your phone! Learning languages from the environment you care about most.

Download alphaTUB to start exploring infinite new possibilities to learn and teach languages in a fresh way every day.

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Leaving! We have a bonus for you

Every day we receive interesting stories on early literacy. We are happy to share:

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