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Parenthood is a full-time commitment to the well-being and development of your children. As a parent, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the child’s every need and requirement is met. Parents constantly worry about the person that their child will grow up into. And what better way to promote growth, than to educate your child. 


We believe every school can equip students with an environment where they feel secure and encouraged to explore and grow. We empower teachers, with a developmentally appropriate ecosystem that enhances the learning outcomes of children. We leverage parental engagement & personalized learning to enhance the language learning abilities of the children. Our unmatched breadth and depth of offerings work concurrently to create spaces where students can evolve mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. We’re continuously seeking out innovative ideas, methods, and solutions for empowering educators and advancing early childhood education. We’re inspired to secure a bright future for all children. To us, success means creating environments that will improve learning outcomes with the help of personalized learning. And we won’t stop until we’ve accomplished it.

Child Care Centres

A child care center plays the most significant role in the cognitive, socioemotional, speech, language, and motor skill development of a child. Educators need to discover the most suitable learning programs to help trigger each child’s potential. In this regard, learning through play has emerged as an excellent choice, as it offers the essential stimulation to engage kids as they learn. alphaTUB offers a perfect range of products that will equip a caregiver to help children learn through play.


Home Visitors

A home visitor is tasked with the immense responsibility of advising, guiding, and supporting family welfare on behalf of the state. One may even say home visitors act as educators for the parents, informing them about appropriate childcare, helping them understand the development of their child and their health and wellbeing, and often even providing assistance and sources of support in parenting itself. Parents participating in-home visits also often benefit by learning of new available services and platforms that they, or their children, might need.

Language Centers

Language learning is a very different process for an adult than it is for the newly developing brain of a toddler. Even a child who speaks an existing language would face certain challenges with acquiring a second language. The learner is already accustomed to the vocabulary and phonetics of another language. Research shows, that the human brain naturally grasps syntax, the grammatical structure of languages. One may even say it is hardwired in the brain. We naturally attempt to structure sentences out of words we learn. The true challenge in learning a new language lies in learning the distinct vocabulary and phonetics of the language.

Parent-Teacher Associations

Parent-Teacher associations are established with the singular motivation of bridging the gap between the children’s home and school environments. Parents, in collaboration with teachers as well as other parents, conduct activities, commune, and discuss the subtle details of the education of their children and create a space for improvement through the active contribution of parents and educators.

alphaTUB is working with various agencies in supporting the initiative of PTA’s, thus acting as a catalyst in enhancing the capability of the school system, leading to the effective delivery of early literacy.


As an administrator, you have the complex task of making sure that your programs are effectively contributing to the achievement of desired Early Learning Outcomes. Despite the evidence validating that schools with strong, positive relationships with parents are successful, school administrators still struggle to find innovative ways to reach out and connect with parents. This is where the alphaTUB platform helps to harness parental engagement like never before.

Using the alphaTUB Platform helps administrators to facilitate the delivery of personalized & individualized language learning across the program.

Universities & Colleges

Is your college or university offering courses to prepare early educators! Collaborate with us to prepare the future, early childhood educators, to become effective in delivering early literacy and language learning to young children. 

Early childhood educators are some of the most important figures in a child’s life and have the power to empower young minds to succeed in life. Early educators play a huge role in strengthening the pre-primary and primary years of language and literacy education, both in terms of teacher education, as well as in implementing developmentally appropriate classroom processes and practices. 

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