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As an administrator, you have the complex task of making sure that your programs are effectively contributing to the achievement of desired Early Learning Outcomes. Despite the evidence validating that schools with strong, positive relationships with parents are successful, school administrators still struggle to find innovative ways to reach out and connect with parents. This is where the alphaTUB platform helps to harness parental engagement like never before.

Using the alphaTUB Platform helps administrators to facilitate the delivery of personalized & individualized language learning across the program. 

Key Concern

Measuring effectiveness and impact of your program

What You Need

Innovative ways to facilitate & deliver personalized and individualized language learning

How we Help

Tools for objective assessment based on real-time data and insightful analytics

Facilitate a language learning environment that is constantly powered by experiential & contextually relevant content drawn from every child’s environment

Create an environment that helps in the development of healthy social-emotional development among young children. Construct an immersive and engaging language learning environment that promotes problem-solving abilities and healthy decision-making among young children. Creating a ripe environment for promoting bilingualism and multilingualism by leveraging child’ home language advantage

The powerful TUB Analytics help in delivering objective assessment based on real-time data and insightful analytics for continuous improvement.

Propagating parental engagement is a cake-walk with alphaTUB, thus building strong partnerships with families.

In the true sense, alphaTUB is the only company in the world that is taking parental engagement and home-school connection to an entirely higher level.

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Experience the power of alphaTUB and transform early literacy and language development in young children and adults. Innovatively designed to serve a wide spectrum of diverse demography.