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A home visitor is tasked with the immense responsibility of advising, guiding, and supporting family welfare on behalf of the state. One may even say home visitors act as educators for the parents, informing them about appropriate childcare, helping them understand the development of their child and their health and wellbeing, and often even providing assistance and sources of support in parenting itself. Parents participating in-home visits also often benefit by learning of new available services and platforms that they, or their children, might need.

Key Concern

Creating an environment conducive for the child’s social-emotional development

What You Need

Tool for facilitating multilingualism by leveraging child's home language advantage

How we Help

We provide a solution as means to facilitate an individualized language learning experience for every child

  • The primary concern of any parent is their child and their development. A home visitor may introduce the parents to the alphaTUB as a solution and a means to facilitate an efficient learning experience for the child. 
  • Empower familial bonds by encouraging more quality productive time with the child, creating an environment conducive for the child’s social-emotional development. 
  • Construct an immersive and engaging language learning environment that  promotes problem-solving abilities and healthy decision-making among young children 
  • Creating a ripe environment for promoting bilingualism and multilingualism by leveraging children’s home language advantage, thus also broadening their cognitive horizons. 
  • They may gauge and assess the parent’s involvement in the child’s education and development through the Insights and Analytics  
  • Propagating parental engagement is a cake-walk with alphaTUB, thus building strong partnerships with families.

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