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Parent-Teacher associations are established with the singular motivation of bridging the gap between the children’s home and school environments. Parents, in collaboration with teachers as well as other parents, conduct activities, commune, and discuss the subtle details of the education of their children and create a space for improvement through the active contribution of parents and educators.

alphaTUB is working with various agencies in supporting the initiative of PTA’s, thus acting as a catalyst in enhancing the capability of the school system, leading to the effective delivery of early literacy. 

Key Concern

Bridging the gap between the children’s home and school environment

What You Need

Opportunity for improvement through the active collaboration of parents and educators

How we Help

alphaTUB platform allows for building a stronger bonding and sense of community

alphaTUB can prove as a strong tool to support the objects of PTA by:

  • Giving the parents an opportunity to contribute to the education of their children
  • alphaTUB allows for parent to parent learning content sharing, thus helping in building a stronger bonding and sense of community
  • Keeping the parents up to date with the development of their child through regularly collected data and analytics.
  • Giving the teacher, too, a clear image of the child’s progress through insights and analytics of the child’s work as well as the parent’s involvement at home.
  • Being part of the process allows parents to have a greater understanding of areas that can use improvement, thus the alphaTUB also generates room for a conversation that can lead to improvement in all fronts, parental engagement, teaching, as well as learning.
  • Being aware of minute areas that need attention can also help the PTA in conducting more activities for the students and parents focused on overcoming challenges specific to them.
  • As members of the PTA, it is incumbent upon parents to ensure that schools are using developmentally appropriate tools for literacy. 

Offerings For Parent-Teacher Associations

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