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At alphaTUB, we believe in the power of personalized learning to shape early childhood education. Our dedicated team of passionate professionals is committed to providing innovative solutions that foster creativity, engagement, and a strong foundation for lifelong learning. With a focus on collaboration, we work closely with educators, parents, and children to create unique, meaningful learning experiences that resonate with each individual.

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Learning Content

With the alphaTUB Mobile app, parents and teachers can capture images from a child’s surroundings and transform them into engaging learning materials. This approach ensures that content is relevant, relatable, and fun for each child.

Digital and
Physical Tools

Our patented alphaTUB Board and App work together to deliver a hands-on, screen-free learning experience. Children can play and learn with dynamic, personalized content, while parents and teachers monitor their progress.


AlphaTUB allows parents and teachers to collaborate in creating and sharing content that reflects local culture and interests. This helps foster a deeper connection between home and school, making learning more meaningful and enjoyable.


Our TUB Analytics tool provides valuable insights into each child’s learning progress, helping parents and teachers identify areas for improvement and tailor their approach to meet individual needs.

Lifelong Learning

AlphaTUB’s TUB Academy offers a range of courses on early childhood education led by global experts. Earn certifications and enhance your knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Consulting &

Our team of experts works closely with educators & governments to ensure a smooth and successful transition, creating a more engaging and personalized learning environment for every child.

Our Story

Challenging the Status Quo

Why Must ‘A’ Always Stand for Apple?

Our journey began with an insightful question from a curious child playing with a Peg Board: Why does ‘A’ always represent an apple? This simple yet profound query sparked a revolution in early childhood education.

Redefining Early Learning

From Apple to Infinite Possibilities

Inspired by the child’s question, our ingenious CEO, Navneet Kalia, set out on a mission to break stereotypes and challenge the toy industry’s reliance on non-personalized materials. Naveneet’s vision led to the creation of the innovative TUB Board, a versatile tool with interchangeable content, and the development of an intuitive app that turns everyday experiences into engaging learning materials.

Today, alphaTUB is revolutionizing early education, earning the trust of parents and teachers worldwide. Our one-of-a-kind approach empowers educators and families alike to guide young children in a developmentally appropriate manner, setting the stage for a brighter, more promising future for each new generation.

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Celebrating Our Achievements: Recognizing Excellence in Early Education

The Minds Behind alphaTUB

Meet Our Passionate Team

At alphaTUB, we’re not just a team – we’re a family of passionate educators, innovative thinkers, and dedicated professionals, all united by a common purpose: to revolutionize early childhood education.

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You never know what can ignite a language learning interest. Experience it. Engage & inspire your child’s creativity from everything around. Immerse in the world of languages learning. Save content, organize them by category and share with others – all from your phone! Learning languages from the environment you care about most.

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