What are the benefits of TUB Analytics?

TUB Analytics helps in effective delivery of learning level outcomes and objectives as per any curriculum worldwide and delivers thus fulfilling the need for high-quality for early literacy and language development. 

  • Assists the children in the English language learning in the 3-8 years age group. 
  • The solution brings the letters of the alphabet to life, unlike any tool the world has seen.
  • Designed for more than just the preschooler in mind, each letter is represented with a range of images experienced by the child.
  • Leveraging TUB insights parents or teachers can present the learning content printed on interchangeable content sheets that slide into alphaTUB. The more the child learns from his own experience the faster the child will learn. 
  • Tracking the achievement gap at early stages helps in paving the way for introducing language to children in a personalized and immersive

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