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TUB Class

Inspire immersive learning among young children by creating a space of comfort, where every child learns and plays using familiar home content with their peers. Sharing experiences and knowledge with peers boosts the children’s individual social-emotional development. In addition, the joy and pride of sharing something personal keeps the children immersed and bright. Engage children in fun-filled activities inspiring them to learn through play.


Home School Connection

Bridging the two most important worlds of the children that is home and school is the key in delivering experiential learning which is contextually relevant and culturally responsive. TUB Class acts as a bridge and helps parents in sending the learning content from home to the school.

Socio-Emotional Development

Child's’ social-emotional development includes an emerging awareness of self and others. By introducing the familiar content received from home in the classroom, teachers can spark the expression of emotion and sense of achievement.

Equity & Social Justice

Because children form ideas about fairness and their own sense of identity within the larger world during these early years, it is critical for teachers to address injustice and develop equity-based pedagogies. This can be achieved by introducing developmentally appropriate practices with the help of TUB Class.

For delivering experiential learning which is contextually relevant and culturally responsive, home-school connection plays a major role. By leveraging a developmentally appropriate tool and technology, a teacher can help pupils to take ownership of their own experiences.

Experiential learning process initiated by a concrete experience, which demands reflection, review, and perspective-taking about the experience; then abstract thinking to reach conclusions and conceptualize the meaning of the experience; leading to a decision to act, engaging in active experimentation or trying out what you’ve learned.

Experiential learning which is contextually relevant allows the children to experiment with knowledge first hand. Words just don’t stand by themselves. Word combinations exist that may have their origin in cultural norms, or may just be how things have always been expressed in the language.

The need for mixing traditional face-to-face education with technology, which means blended but with a healthy mix of in-person teacher supervised learning and a small proportion of online technology for evaluation of learning level outcomes in classrooms, have inspired us to create TUB Class.

The ecosystem of alphaTUB helps teachers and parents to teach young children effectively. With the help of the TUB App, teachers can create unlimited learning content. Moreover, parents can also send content to the teacher via TUB App. In the classroom, teachers can use all the content received from home as well as created by school and teach the children with the help of TUB Class. 

TUB Class is available for all teaching institutions and administrators. Contact us today to know that how you can use TUB Class in your existing curriculum. 

Who Can Use TUB Class