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At TUB Academy, we understand the unique challenges and demands of early childhood education. Our carefully curated courses are designed to meet these needs, providing educators and parents with the tools necessary to foster successful early literacy and language education. Led by experienced academicians, our courses offer a comprehensive understanding of developmentally appropriate practices and processes. Whether you’re an educator looking to refine your teaching techniques or a parent aiming to support your child’s learning journey better, TUB Academy offers the knowledge and skills you need.

Courses designed by accomplished academicians
Tailored for both early childhood educators and parents
Focus on strengthening the early years of language and literacy
Insights into developmentally appropriate classroom practices
Building Capacity for Foundational Literacy

Navigating the Learning Crisis

The recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the importance of flexible, multi-faceted, and activity-based education. At TUB Academy, we’re committed to addressing these issues and supporting foundational literacy during this critical time. Our short-term courses, developed in association with leading universities, provide theoretical and practical experience in various areas, including blended education, inclusion, and parental engagement. Available exclusively online, these courses allow for self-paced learning, accompanied by periodic lectures, practicals, and reviews. Join us in promoting successful early education, even amidst a learning crisis.

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You never know what can ignite a language learning interest. Experience it. Engage & inspire your child’s creativity from everything around. Immerse in the world of languages learning. Save content, organize them by category and share with others – all from your phone! Learning languages from the environment you care about most.

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