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Punjabi-English Bilingual Edition TUB Sheets with TUB Board


Elevate early education with our Punjabi-English TUB Bundle. This engaging combination of Punjabi-English TUB Sheets and the alphaTUB Board encourages interactive learning, making language acquisition in both Punjabi and English fun and effective for young minds.

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Dive into the enriching world of bilingual learning with our Bilingual TUB Bundle: Punjabi-English Edition with TUB Board. This unique set is an ideal gateway for children to explore and learn Punjabi and English concurrently. The bundle features interactive TUB Sheets that present words in both Punjabi and English, accompanied by captivating illustrations that engage and educate. These sheets are perfectly complemented by the alphaTUB pegboard, which adds a tactile dimension to the learning experience. Children can physically interact with each word, enhancing their language acquisition, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. This bundle is an exceptional resource for fostering linguistic skills and cultural appreciation from an early age, making it a must-have for homes and classrooms focused on comprehensive bilingual education.


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