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Sanskrit-English Bilingual Edition TUB Sheets with TUB Board


Discover the elegance of Sanskrit and the versatility of English with our Bilingual TUB Bundle. This engaging set pairs Sanskrit-English TUB Sheets with the innovative alphaTUB Board, offering a unique, interactive approach to learning both languages for early education.

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Introduce the timeless wisdom of Sanskrit alongside English literacy with our Bilingual TUB Bundle: Sanskrit-English Edition with TUB Board. This exclusive bundle is a treasure trove for young learners, blending the ancient language of Sanskrit with English in an engaging and interactive format. The TUB Sheets in this bundle feature a selection of essential words in both Sanskrit and English, each accompanied by attractive illustrations that capture the essence of each word. The alphaTUB pegboard enhances this experience, allowing children to physically interact with the words, fostering not just language skills but also a deeper understanding of cultural heritage. This bundle is a remarkable tool for imbuing young minds with a love for languages and a respect for cultural diversity, making it an invaluable addition to any educational setting or home learning environment.


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