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US Collection TUB Sheets


A collection of 10 Spanish, 4 Emoji, and 2 American Sign language TUB Sheets.

Handpicked words from A-Z, compiled in sheets to match the child’s learning ability. Swap out the sheet with another one with new words to expand your child’s vocabulary. Compile your own sheets using the alphaTUB mobile app. Learn new vocabulary in the language of your choice, using the very same aphaTUB.

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A collection of Spanish, Emoji, and American Sign language.

  1. Spanish TUB Sheets – 10 (Printed on 5 papers)
  2. Emoji’s TUB Sheets – 4 (Printed on 2 papers)
  3. American Sign Language TUB Sheets – 2 ( Printed on 1 paper)


Personalized Content

TUB Sheets make use of familiar content from the child’s environment to build up language skills and vocabulary. The sheets can be compiled according to various criteria such as type, correlation, the complexity of spellings, etc. Custom-designed sheets from the child’s home give a sense of familiarity that aids in retaining newly acquired knowledge.

Age-appropriate content

Each sheet is customized to the learning capabilities of each child. Starting with the most basic vocabulary, the student can progressively build up and expand to more complex words as their language skills improve.

Multilingual Learning

Extend the language learning experience beyond the confines of English. TUB Sheets are also suitable for learning content in other languages that use the Latin script. Learn from an endless range of languages like Spanish, German, French, etc. The versatile design of the TUB Sheet also allows for bilingual content to aid second language acquisition for students belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.

We are surrounded by words. Every object around us, every action, every creature— even intangible concepts like qualities or feelings — everything has a name. You may even say that language is in the very world around us. Thus language is not simply written or heard but experienced with all our senses.

Early literacy is not only reading and writing, but also listening, talking, viewing, drawing, and critiquing. It encourages educators to consider the place of literacy in the physical environment, routines, and planning. The role of the educator is to capitalize on learning opportunities and create contextually relevant and experiential content that the child can easily comprehend and learn from. TUB Sheets efficiently facilitate this by allowing educators to create and curate appropriate content from within the child’s environment.

Language acquisition in the brain begins by learning words and their meanings. Therefore language learning should begin with introducing the alphabet to young children in a meaningful manner. TUB Sheets transform real-life experiences and objects from the child’s environment into language learning content. With a single alphaTUB board, you can use endless TUB Sheets and introduce an unlimited vocabulary to learn from.

Every TUB Sheet is a handpicked selection of words from A-Z, compiled to match the child’s learning ability. You can easily expand your child’s vocabulary using the same alphaTUB board by swapping one sheet for another and introducing new words.

Compile your own sheets using the alphaTUB mobile app. Learn new vocabulary in the language of your choice, using the very same alphaTUB.

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